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MAD PACK – The Last Dimension 2 Vinyl LP

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Taha and JTLM Records offer you for the first time on 2-LP limited vinyl edition this super rare first and only Mad Pack album, the long-delayed Last Dimension, chronicles Mad Pack’s progression from a conglomerate of raw hip-hop talent into polished rap trailblazers here in the Salt City. The Syracuse collective included three acts: Channel 3, the Sub-basements and solo artist R-Reality
For fans who enjoy rap laced with lyrical mind bombs and humorous rhymes, Last Dimension hits its mark in a hurry. Aesthetically, however, it’s infused with a back-to-basics style that emphasizes double entendre and palpitating rhythms, yet refuses to rely on hyper-materialism and gimmicks. Newcomers beware, however: Last Dimension remains close to the street.
Hip-hop heads who have caught Mad Pack’s high-energy performances at local venues or heard them flex their freestyle rhyme skills over the airwaves of the old WOLF-AM 1490 will certainly remember the rambunctious “Kill a Copy Kat” and more mellow offerings such as “Continuous Vibe” and “Six Souls Singin.'” New Edition fans will recognize Mad Pack’s hypnotic “Red Lights and Incense,” which features the beat from NE’s single “Hit Me Off.”

A must-have for any 90s hardcore boom bap connoisseurs who collecting obscure gems!

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